professional alcohol breath analyzer with printer by KEYUN

INR 62500 INR 65000



1.Quick and Precise Analysis: 32bit embedded processor secures high performance of the system. 2. UK made Electrochemical other possible breath contaminants. 3. Compact Gas Circuit stable testing results. 4. Built-in Printer: Fast body and be replaced by a piece of spare lithium 5. Color LCD Touch Screen: 2.8 inch 320*240 dot matrix screen provides operation. 6. Safe & Easy to Use: menu navigation is by three menu keys 7. Memory Capacity: Data recalled, printed or downloaded to a computer for statistical 8. Built-in GPS Function 9. Mouthpiece: Specially designed one Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor: Highly specificity to alcohol, unaffected by ircuit Design and Advanced Analysis process: Assure fast, accurate and Printer: printing process and clear print-outs. Can be detached from main lithium-ion cell. All measurement functions are controlled via a single key, while storage of 40,000 test results. Any test results can be easily analysis and back up. unction: Satellite positioning of inspection location. one-way mouthpiece

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