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Speed Radar Gun Product introductionStark handheld Radar Speed adopted 3.0 million pixelsintegrated intell
Speed Radar Gun Product introduction Stark handheld Radar Speed adopted 3.0 million pixels integrated intelligent camera, combining with self intellectual property rights of radar speed measuring unit and ARM + DSP embedded image processing unit, not only reduces the power consumption of the system, and at the same time greatly improves the operation speed of image recognition, enhances the movement target capture ability; The structure design of the built-in battery makes the use of the device very simple and convenient; System can zoom and automatic focusing, 1-3 lanes moving target vehicle capture; At the same time, on the basis of retaining the manual capture function, the DSP's powerful image processing capability is used to increase the automatic capture function, which allows the device to expand the scope of use while retaining the portable feature. II、Product Features: 1. Using a 3 million pixel integrated smart camera, can easily achieve zoom and auto focus, effectively reducing the generation of invalid photos. 2. The independently developed radar unit and image processing unit improve the maintainability and controllability of the equipment; the digital signal processor with a main frequency of up to 1G provides powerful image processing capabilities. The image capture processing software developed based on the self-developed image processing platform greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system. 3. Can use the handle trigger to manually capture, or set automatic capture in the menu.
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