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Motorola Repeater Station CDR-700Motorola's CDR700 offers users unique versatility and power through its ext
Motorola Repeater Station CDR-700 Motorola's CDR700 offers users unique versatility and power through its extensive range of functionalities which increase the calling range and capabilities of mobile and portable radios. An affordable and cost-efficient solution for analog repeater applications, CDR700 can be for both conventional and/or simple trunking solutions in sites without a crowded RF environment. The Main Features of Motorola CDR700 Analog Base Station/Repeater These repeaters make it easy and simple to widen the reach of your radios, by extending your two-way radio system to accommodate longer distances as you broaden your customer base and coverage area. Features Include: Flexibility in Choosing Frequency & Power Levels Continuous Duty Cycle Operation for up to 25 Watt Tx Power Easy Integration with Existing Infrastructures Battery Revert Operation One or Two Antenna(s) Operation The Motorola CDR700 Repeater Housing has an internal switching power supply, a cooling fan and room for mounting two mpbile radios (Professional or Comercial Series), a mobile duplexer and one or two repeater controllers. The controller options available are: 1) Unidirectional Configuration—provides added range for radios on widespread worksites, 2) Bidirectional Configuration—to temporarily join 2 separate groups during emergency situations, 3) Unidirectional Crossband—provides capability to monitor frequencies such as weather or road condition channels, 4) Bidirectional Crossband—temporarily joins 2 groups that typically operate on different frequency bands. Motorola's CDR700 is ideal for Public Safety, Commercial, Industrial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. A smarter way to extend your radios with quality you can count on.
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