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Kenwood wa
Kenwood walkie talkie NX-1200Kenwood walkie-talkie is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver which
Kenwood walkie talkie NX-1200 Kenwood walkie-talkie is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver which can be used for both personal & commercial uses. Most personal walkie-talkies sold are designed to operate in UHF allocations, and are designed to be very compact, with buttons for changing channels and other settings on the face of the radio and a short, fixed antenna. Most such units are made of heavy, often brightly colored plastic, though some more expensive units have ruggedized metal or plastic cases. Commercial-grade radios are often designed to be used on allocations such as GMRS or MURS (the latter of which has had very little readily available purpose-built equipment). In addition, CB walkie-talkies are available, but less popular due to the propagation characteristics of the 27 MHz band and the general bulkiness of the gear involved. Features • Multi-protocol digital radio: Designed to operate under NXDN or DMR digital and FM • analog protocols • Choose from direct & intuitive LCD with standard keypad or basic enclosures • Easy visible Display: 8-digit LCD models featuring high-contrast, white backlit LCD • Large 7-Color LED indicator on the top panel • Selective Power-on LED • Selective Call Alert LED • Battery Level Indication • Multi-status function indication • RF output power 5W both on VHF/UHF • Mixed Zone - analog and digital • Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality: TX/RX audio profile with optimizable • digital processor • Audio Equalizer: Flat, High, Low • Auto Gain Control: On, High, Low, Off • Noise Suppressor • Microphone type settings • Multiple Scan Functions; Dual Priority, Single Priority, Single Zone, Multi, • Normal Scan • VOX & PTT –triggered Semi- VOX, Voice-operated TX • Emergency Function: Customizable Emergency Profile • Lone Worker • Max / Min Volume setting & Volume control • Voice Announcement • Remote Stun / Kill / Check • Front Panel Programming Mode (for Keypad model) • Electronic Serial Number (ESN) • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G • IP54 and IP55 There are various accessories available for walkie-talkies such as rechargeable batteries, drop in rechargers, multi-unit rechargers for charging as many as six units at a time, and an audio accessory jack that can be used for headsets or speaker microphones.
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