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BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER Alcoscan AL-6000. BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subject's breath alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy and it is available to test in Passive mode. BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER Warm up time Within 25 seconds BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER Response time Within 3 sec. at Passive Mode/ 5 sec. at Active Mode. BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER Recycle time Within 10 seconds. BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER Mouthpiece Nomal Mode : use / Fast Mode: No use
Kenwood TK-3000 Walkie Talkie Kenwood TK-3000 Walky Talky Kenwood TK-3000 Thin & Lightweight Kenwood TK-3000 16 Channels with Scan Function Kenwood TK-3000 Programmable Function Key with Hold Kenwood TK-3000 All-in-one Package Kenwood TK-3000 Wired Clone Kenwood TK-3000 Tri-Colour LED Kenwood TK-3000 Low-Battery Alert Kenwood TK-3000 Time-Out-Timer Kenwood TK-3000 Busy Channel Lockout Kenwood TK-3000 Battery-Saver Kenwood TK-3000 VOX ready Kenwood TK-3000 Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth Kenwood TK-3000 Windows® Programming and Tuning Kenwood TK-3000 Priority Scan Kenwood TK-3000 DTMF Enc. (PTT ID, Autodial) Kenwood TK-3000 QT / DQT Kenwood TK-3000 Output Power 5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF) Kenwood TK-3000 Robust & Reliable Kenwood TK-3000 Thin & Lightweight Thinner and lighter - the TK-3000 is ideal for hooking on a belt or even slipping into a coat pocket. The slim design fits neatly in your hand and it weighs only 203g with the Li-Ion battery.
Kenwood TK-2000 Kenwood TK-2000 Walkie Talkie. Kenwood TK-2000 Walky Talky. Kenwood TK-2000 Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios. Kenwood TK-2000 Slim, thin and light - KENWOOD's TK-2000 is supremely easy to handle and to operate. Kenwood TK-2000 this handy compact radio is extremely reliable, meeting the famously tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications. Kenwood TK-2000 its makes perfect business sense - especially for inventory control and service industry operations. Kenwood TK-2000 Thinner and lighter. Kenwood TK-2000 16 Channels with Scan Function. Kenwood TK-2000 Output Power 5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF). Kenwood TK-2000 QT / DQT. Kenwood TK-2000 DTMF Enc. (PTT ID, Autodial). Kenwood TK-2000 Priority Scan. Kenwood TK-2000 Windows® Programming and Tuning. Kenwood TK-2000 Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth. Kenwood TK-2000 VOX ready. Kenwood TK-2000 Battery-Saver. Kenwood TK-2000 Busy Channel Lockout. Kenwood TK-2000 Time-Out-Timer. Kenwood TK-2000 Low-Battery Alert. Kenwood TK-2000 Tri-Colour LED. Kenwood TK-2000 Wired Clone.
RapidFire delivers an extremely high 700 Mbps throughput via its unique and powerful RF design that supports up to 256QAM modulation and 31 dBi output power. Our proprietary W-Jet V protocol, specifically engineered for high performing PTP scenarios, minimizes interferences even across long distances and stabilizes latency within 2-4 ms. Outdoor Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge LigoPTP 5-N/ 5-23 RapidFire