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Palm Size Walky Talky 350 MHz STARK SGS-10M (Walky Talky) For more information. Antriksh Technosys Pvt Ltd. #9599388289, 9958240269
Kenwood NX-420 License Free Walky Talky NXDN® Digital Air Interface AMBE+2™ VOCODER 6.25 & 12.5 kHz Channels Over-the-Air Alias Over-the-Air Programming Paging Call Emergency Call All Group Call Status Messaging*1 *2 Remote Stun / Kill*1 Remote Check*1 Short & Long Data Messages*1 GPS Location with Voice*1 NXDN® Scrambler Included
Kenwood NX-420 License Free Radio License Free Radio License Free Walky Talky License Free Walkie Talkie Radio on 806 MHz band
Ergonomically styled yet tough enough to comply with both MIL-STD and IP54/55 environmental standards, these portables provide the features and performance needed for a wide range of workplaces – from warehouses and stations to shops and hotels. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications, these user-friendly DMR radios can even operate in direct mode, without a repeater. They also offer such KENWOOD added value as Call Interrupt and 1-watt audio output. These truly resourceful team members will enable you to make the most of your legacy analogue equipment while also benefitting from digital communications. Digital Two Way Radio Kenwood Walkie-Talkie Online walky-Talky
STARK SGS10-M (Walky-Talky) High Level Portable Two-Way Radio This is palm size radio offers 4W power and 3 KM in open air which great for service industries, outdoor sports & recreation, Restaurant, Events, Schools, Camps Sites and Etc.
STARK SGS10-L FM Portable Two Way Radio STARK SGS10-L Walkie Talkie STARK SGS10-L Walky Talky STARK SGS10-L High Performance and Distant Voice Quality FM Portable Two Way Radio STARK SGS10-L The high capacity 3000mAh Li-ion Battery provides 350 hours in standby, which will benefit long shifts workers
Stark SGS10-M FM Portable Two Way Radio Stark SGS10-M Walkie Talkie Stark SGS10-MWalky Talky Stark SGS10-M High-Capacity Battery Stark SGS10-M Channel Scan Stark SGS10-M Time Out Timer Stark SGS10-M Low Power Alarm Stark SGS10-M Voice Prompt(English) Stark SGS10-M Complies With IP54 Stark SGS10-M Equivalent to U.S. Military
Kenwood TK-3000 Walkie Talkie Kenwood TK-3000 Walky Talky Kenwood TK-3000 Thin & Lightweight Kenwood TK-3000 16 Channels with Scan Function Kenwood TK-3000 Programmable Function Key with Hold Kenwood TK-3000 All-in-one Package Kenwood TK-3000 Wired Clone Kenwood TK-3000 Tri-Colour LED Kenwood TK-3000 Low-Battery Alert Kenwood TK-3000 Time-Out-Timer Kenwood TK-3000 Busy Channel Lockout Kenwood TK-3000 Battery-Saver Kenwood TK-3000 VOX ready Kenwood TK-3000 Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth Kenwood TK-3000 Windows® Programming and Tuning Kenwood TK-3000 Priority Scan Kenwood TK-3000 DTMF Enc. (PTT ID, Autodial) Kenwood TK-3000 QT / DQT Kenwood TK-3000 Output Power 5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF) Kenwood TK-3000 Robust & Reliable Kenwood TK-3000 Thin & Lightweight Thinner and lighter - the TK-3000 is ideal for hooking on a belt or even slipping into a coat pocket. The slim design fits neatly in your hand and it weighs only 203g with the Li-Ion battery.
Kenwood TK-2307 Kenwood TK-2307 Walkie Talkie. Kenwood TK-2307 Walky Talky. Kenwood TK-2307 Built tough to take rough treatment in stride. Kenwood TK-2307 No wonder the smart new TK-2307/3307 is attracting such attention. Kenwood TK-2307 A model of ergonomic excellence on the outside, inside it's packed with such features as priority scan, built-in VOX and a voice scrambler. Kenwood TK-2307 Calling Alert, Compact Design, Busy Channel Lock-out, Companded Audio, Enhanced Kenwood Audio , Time-Out Timer